Join the Big Community Picnic on the Green


Dear Parents and Carers of Earlsmead School

We have been commissioned by Haringey Council to produce a landscape and public realm strategy for improving Page Green Common. Our brief outlines Haringey’s aims to improve the physical environment of the green, while celebrating its history, making it feel safer and more welcoming, and encouraging people to stay there longer and more often. We are keen to discuss challenges posed by maintenance and littering, and ultimately encourage a feeling of ownership and pride amongst the people who live, work and play nearby. 
Please come and visit us at the Earlsmead Summer Fair, from 2pm on Friday 13th July, and then join us after for a Big Community Picnic on the Green, where we will be waiting to hear about your experience of the common, and your ambitions for its future.

from muf


muf architecture/art design public realm and civic spaces. 
Our projects range from masterplans to public furniture via landscapes and buildings.  We are currently working on improvements to White Hart Lane and we were the instigators and designers of the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, a community garden project developed and delivered through working with Dalston residents. We are the only U.K.  winner of European prize for public space, which we won for Barking Town Square. We work mainly in London, but not exclusively so, and we try to advocate the value of the existing before proposing the new. We have good experience in designing spaces for play and learning, and we are interested in the child’s experience of, and role in the city.