Pupil Questionnaires


New to English (EAL) Survey 2017

1 out of 5 children get resources to help them learning English
4 out of 5 children get help from Support staff/1 out of 5 from a teacher
3 out of 5 children learn most in a normal class/2 out of 5 in a small group/1 out of 5 in 1:1
3 out of 5 children feel they get the support they need
5 out of 5 children find it useful having support staff in lessons
3 out of 5 children need help in English and Science
4 out of 5 children don’t find it useful sitting next to an English speaker
4 out of 4 children find it useful having keywords and translations to help them learn/1 out of find using a laptop
5 out of 5 children are happy with the work they do in classes
4 out of 5 children are very happy at school

Points for future developments

1. Teachers to provide new to English and emergent speakers translations, keywords, visuals, diagrams, mind maps, concept maps (Especially in Science and English)
2. Teachers should help new to English children more (not just relying on TAs)
3. Teachers should monitor seating arrangements of EAL children learning English (provide mixed ability seating, not just lower abilities or SEN), take cognitive development into consideration (children cannot speak English but they can understand concepts in their own language) - monitor type of work given


Autumn 2016 Survey

Each year we gather the opinions of all of the children in our school.   This year’s questionnaire took place in December last term.  It was good news!

91% of our children enjoy school
93% feel safe in school
93% learn a lot in their lessons.
90% feel that the adults in our school care about them.
96% feel that the adults explain to them how to do their work.
94% feel the Head teacher and Senior Leaders are doing a good job.

We are aiming for 100% next year. Here are some of the comments from last year’s questionnaire.

“I am very happy at school because it’s funs and you learn stuff everyday”  Yr3.
“I feel like I have been taught well. I will achieve a lot of things but it will be hard” Yr5.
I like helping my teacher and looking at my old work so I can fix it and not get a ‘pm’. Yr 5.
I feel great about school because I learn lots of new things and I meet new friends” Yr 5.
“When I am sick I really miss school” Yr 5.
“I like school but I do not like school when I fall out with my friends” Yr 5.
“I’m really happy because our teacher is always nice” Yr 5.
My friends help me in class, I help them they help me with my worries” Yr 5.
“I am proud of how much good work I have done in Maths” Yr5 .
“I felt sad at first because I couldn’t speak English but as I made friends I became happier” Yr5.
“Sometimes I like when the teachers are next to me it gives me more confidence” Yr 5.
“A good day is when my teacher is happy and I don’t get into trouble”  Y5.
“……better food will make school better………  “ Yr6
“I really enjoy school. I have lots of friends. I really like the subjects and the building looks really nice. The only problem is the food” Yr6.
I like school all the time; it makes me happy, safe and fun” Yr6.
“Well I do like lots of things……..but don’t like some of the lessons however it helping me to learn”  Y6.


This term

This term we asked the children to fill out a survey about school dinners. Here are the results: