Having fun with Maths in Early Years Feedback


Thank you to all parents who attended the “Having fun with Maths in Early Years” workshop. Please follow this link for more information on helping your child with maths.

The feedback was positive.

‘’I was pleasantly surprised by the Early Years Maths workshop.The speakers were enthusiastic and provided numerous ways for us parents to help encourage maths based skills in our children. The visual aids and handouts were superb and have led me to consider using household items to incorporate these skills in my 4 year old daughter. Overall,it was brilliant - just the right length, informative and a nice cup of tea too!I would attend more. Thank you all”. - Dr Liane Robinson

“The Maths workshop was helpful. I especially liked the prompt about engaging the child before beginning work.It was also helpful to hear the tip about how other ‘fun’ play links with Maths. eg-pouring liquid into containers” - F

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