Our work at Walthamstow Wetlands


Europe’s biggest urban wetland has just opened right by our school and if you visit you will see some of the fantastic art our students made. Pink and Yellow class created animal models which are now hanging from the ceiling making a big, colourful chandelier.

Walthamstow Wetlands is open seven days a week between 9.30am to 4pm (October to March) and 9.30am to 5pm (April to September) and entrance is free!

Learn more about the Walthamstow Wetlands on their website.

Information about our organisational changes

Dear Parents / Carers,

You will know from our newsletters and our campaigning around school budgets that our school has experienced significant cuts. We are not alone in this and for some time schools both nationally and locally have been expected to meet increasing costs whilst their budgets have either remained the same or reduced each year.

Here at Earlsmead, we are looking at potential cuts of £121,564 in 2018-19 and our financial projections show that this will increase each year unless we make significant changes to our spending now.

When considering what changes to make, our main priority is always to ensure that the school is a safe and positive environment for children to learn and grow in and to achieve excellent learning outcomes.

Over the last 18 months we have made a number of changes to reduce our costs but unfortunately these have not been enough and we now have to look at reorganising the school’s staffing structure in order to meet the financial challenges all schools are facing. With this in mind, this week we began a process of Organisational Change at the school. Obviously in any school the largest part of our spending is on staffing and therefore we have had to make the difficult decision to propose to reduce the number of support staff on our team so that we are able to achieve the necessary savings.

This decision has not been taken lightly and is driven entirely by difficult financial realities. It is in no sense a reflection on how we value our support staff or the valuable contribution that they make to the life of the school.

Within the proposed new model we are committed to ensuring that we have enough highly qualified staff to ensure that the needs of children are met and that the school achieves the ambitious outcomes it has for every child.

The process of Organisational Change is a formal process and involves a consultation period for those staff who will be affected by the changes. During this time it is only affected staff who are invited to comment on the proposal and ask any questions that they might have in response to it.

I will write and let you know exactly what the new staffing model looks like early on in January.

Yours sincerely,

Hina Shah

Secondary Transfer Information for Year 6

The Haringey secondary transfer booklet is now available as a digital version online. 

Click this link to access it

Earlsmead School Parent Application Workshops

Parents, you will need to apply online, there is free internet access in all
libraries and we will also be running free application workshops at
school every morning next week 16 th – 20 th October between 9:00 –
10:00 am. If you’re attending a workshop please make sure you bring
your child’s birth certificate, a council tax bill and another utility bill
with your current, correct address. You must also be able to login to
your email account. If you have previously made an application through
eadmissions you will already have an eadmissions account so make
sure you have the username and password details to hand.

Secondary School Open Events

Download the open days for Haringey secondary schools here

All completed applications must be submitted before Tuesday 31st October 2017. The eAdmissions website is www.eadmissions.org.uk
If you would like to find out your home to school distances to Haringey schools, you can email Haringey at schooladmissions@haringey.gov.uk

The Haringey secondary transfer booklet is also available at www.haringey.gov.uk/schooladmissions

If you do have any questions or queries about applying for a secondary school place, please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Horbury or Mrs Drummond for advice.

Changes to Year 5 Swimming Sessions

As you know Year 5 will be going on their RE trips to Palmers Green Mosque over the next couple of weeks. This will have an impact on the classes swimming times. Swimming sessions will be swapped around a little bit to avoid any classes missing out on their weekly sessions. The details of the swapped sessions are given below:

Wednesday 4th October - 5 Lilac go swimming 10:50 – 12:25 (swapped with 5 Lime) 

Thursday 5th October - 5 Lime go swimming, leaving school at 9:00 am for their 9:30 am session (swapped with 5 Lilac)

Blue class stays the same on Thursday morning, leaving school at 8:35 am for their 9:00am session.

Wednesday 11th October - 5 Blue go swimming 10:50 – 12:25 (swapped with 5 Lime) 

Thursday 12th October - 5 Lime go swimming, leaving school at 8:35 am for their 9:00am session.

Lilac class stays the same on Thursday morning, leaving school at 9:00 am for their 9:30am session.

These changes will only affect swimming sessions for the next couple of weeks. Swimming sessions on Wednesday 18th October and Thursday 19th October will return to normal.

Walthamstow Wetlands - Coming Soon!


We’re excited to announce that the Walthamstow Wetlands will be opening very soon on Friday 20th October. We have worked closely with them over the last academic year. Pink and Yellow class created amazing works of art inside glass jars that will be displayed in the main engine house as part of the ‘Vessels’ installation. We’re looking forward to visiting with our classes in the future months.

Walthamstow Wetlands will be open to the public all of Half Term week and at any point in time families can pick up activity packs for nature trails or self-guided activities. There will also be 5 set event days:

Monday 23rd October, 10-3
Under 5s Activity Day: Leaves
Join us for storytelling sessions, wildlife activities and an afternoon of arts & crafts all about leaves.

Tuesday 24th October, 10-3
Family Fun Day: Hibernation
Come for a fun morning of stories and crafts, and an afternoon of building homes for hibernating mammals.

Wednesday 25th October, 10-3
Under 5s Activity Day: Birds
Join us for storytelling sessions, wildlife activities and an afternoon of arts & crafts all about birds.

Saturday 28th October, 10-3
Wild Weekend: Hungry Hedgehogs
Learn all about hedgehogs during this day of stories, talks, hibernacula making and arts & crafts.

Sunday 29th October, 10-3
Wild Weekend: Brilliant Bats.
Join us for a family friendly day with storytelling, talks and arts & crafts all about bats.

All events are held at the Marine Engine House, Walthamstow Wetlands, 2 Forest Road, N17 9NH.

All events are FREE, but registering is advised to avoid disappointment- all the links to register are on the website www.wildlondon.org.uk/whats-on.