Summer is finally here - Important Uniform Information

Dear Parent / Carer,

At last the warm weather is here - let’s hope it continues!

We thought it would be helpful to give you some information about how we expect children to dress during the hot weather. The information is in line with our school uniform policy and takes account of health and safety considerations.

Foot wear                                                                                                                Children are allowed to wear sandals (not flip flops) that are brown, black, white or blue. They need to support children’s feet and cover the back of their heel and have an ankle strap. The sandals should protect their toes and should have a good grip. They should not have decorations like beads and tassels.

Children can wear light, canvas shoes in the colours listed above.

Clothing                                                                                                                  Children must wear school uniform. During the summer they can wear shorts and girls can wear uniform summer dresses in blue or red. Please encourage your child to not wear their school jumper or sweatshirt on particularly hot days

Sun protection                                                                                                    During the school day we encourage children to drink plenty of water throughout the day and to stay in the shade as much as possible. Children can bring sun screen in and are responsible for applying it themselves. Children can wear sunglasses in the playground but it is their responsibility to take care of them. They can also wear sun hats / caps in uniform colours. Please make sure these are labelled with your child’s name and class.

Please ensure that you keep all of the above in mind when buying any school summer clothes for your child. If children are not suitably dressed when they come to school we may have to call you to ask you to bring suitable clothing / footwear in.

You can find this letter on the school website for future reference. If you have any queries, please talk to your child’s class teacher.

Yours sincerely,

Hina Shah                                                                                                            Headteacher