A special tea for exemplary behaviour

Today the first children had a special tea with Ms. Shah.  Four children; Emila (Year 6 Violet), Yusuf (Year 3 Blue), Luke (Reception Butterflies) and Almere (Year 1 Pink) were all picked from our ticket box as they had shown exemplary behaviour in our school lunch hall.  We listened to your ideas about lunchtime and lots of you wanted a different reward for excellent behaviour. From now on the lunchtime staff will give children raffle tickets when they behave well, are polite and eat lots of food.  We will pick out 4 names during Thursdays assembly.  The children selected can choose one of their friends to have morning tea and cake after break on Fridays.  We have put more of your ideas in place at lunchtime.  Please visit our Pupil Voice area to see where we have listened to your voice and what we have done.