World Book Day 2016

Earlsmead Primary was a showcase of famous characters on World book Day this year. Everyone from the Paperback Princess to Peter Pan was there to celebrate all things readable. The children at Earlsmead Primary took part in numerous book challenges and competitions. Children who entered the book challenge received a merit and 2 children from each class were awarded a book prize for excellent book reviews. Children also had fun visiting other classes during The Big Read. At 3 o’clock, an alarm sounded in the school and we all had to stop whatever we were doing and READ! 

Thank you to all the volunteer readers and to Linda George for running our book stall in the afternoon. We also managed to raise money for Book Aid International. Well done Earlsmead! Thank you for all the encouragement you give your children with their reading- it is paying off! Why not visit the library and spot the winning book reviews?