Physical Education


Introduction and Overview

At Earlsmead Primary School we are dedicated to inspiring and nurturing within children the love of all kinds of sporting activities. We offer a range of sports to enthuse and challenge children to play and compete in a positive and fun way.

Our curriculum reflects a diverse and interesting approach, which aims to give children of all abilities the opportunities to find their own passion for sport.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum covers a range of sporting activities including Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Games, Striking and Fielding, Invasion games, Net/Wall games, Outdoor and adventurous activity (Year 6 children) and Swimming (currently only for Year 6 children).

Using up to date resources and coaching we aim to provide an excellent program of study.


Whilst children engage in weekly PE lessons, they also have opportunities to participate in Coach Sessions at lunchtimes throughout the week.  Here 2 coaches come in to school to deliver group sessions for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children.

Pupils are encouraged to sign up for a particular sport where they can experience a focussed and guided training lesson.  Sporting activities are rotated on a cyclic rota and include sports such as Football, Basketball, Tennis and Netball.


At Earlsmead we strive to provide a diverse range of after school sporting activities and currently have a Kung Fu, Karate, Football and Dance Club.  We are currently developing a Tennis Club, Table Tennis Club and Basketball Club.

Whilst we do our best to provide free sessions, some of our extra-curricular activities do have a small charge.

If you’re interested in joining one of our sports clubs, visit our Clubs page!

Haringey Sports

Earlsmead participates in a range of competitive sports with other Haringey schools.  Throughout the year children are given opportunities to develop their skills through various training programs with trained and dedicated members of staff.

As a result, children gain a sense of teamwork and good sportsmanship; whilst at the same time develop strategic and tactical game play.

Positive Lunchtimes

Many children at Earlsmead enjoy school dinners.  We believe that a good meal at lunchtime enables children to learn and function better.  School Meal Supervising Assistants (SMSAs) help and support children in their meal choices whilst also teaching children about the values of healthy eating.

Outside in the playground, SMSAs continue their support by offering children a range of activities to keep them active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Similarly, our new playground equipment offers an adventurous and stimulating environment.

Healthy Schools Award

Last academic year we were awarded the Silver Healthy Schools Award.  We achieved this award by promoting various healthy lifestyle choices inviting children to take their new found knowledge into their home environments.  By working closely with parents and members of staff, children were encouraged to think about their physical activity and how to keep their bodies healthy, through exercise and healthy eating.

Through strategic planning and monitoring, we were able to collect evidence and data showing patterns in children’s exercise habits.

Our next step will be to analyse the data we collected and to spot trends and anomalies

For more information please see our Healthy Lifestyle and Sport page.

We aim to give children of all abilities the opportunities to find their own passion for sport.


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