School will close tomorrow, Friday 2nd March

There was much excitement when the snow first fell and the sun was shining yesterday - both staff and pupils had a great deal of fun. However conditions have worsened since then as a result of wind and ice so it feels much colder today. Children will not go out into the playgrounds today even for a reduced playtime.

We have made the decision to close the school tomorrow due to the adverse weather conditions and the likelihood of further widespread snowfall accompanied by strong winds that has been forecast for Friday.

This is a decision that is not taken lightly and is based on a number of factors to ensure the health and safety of our pupils and staff.

Whilst main roads are gritted and traffic and pedestrians are able to move freely, side roads and pavements in the area may not be gritted so are very icy.

When deciding whether the site and surrounding areas are safe for the school to open, some of the factors that are taken into account include: Can pupils, parents and carers travel to school and go home safely? Can staff travel to and from school safely?

Looking at forecasts I am confident that the school will be open as usual on Monday 5th March but I will update the school website to confirm this on Sunday evening. Please travel home safely today and keep warm.