Autism Awareness Week

Next week, 14th -19th March is Schools' Autism Awareness week sponsored by the National Autistic Society.

Earlsmead Primary School is an inclusive school and we want to join in this campaign; increasing understanding and creating a more autism-friendly UK.  The aim is to raise awareness and educate all the children in our school about the behaviours and characteristics of autism, and let them know what they can do to help. Autism affects how a person thinks, feels and learns, and we believe it is crucial that teachers and schoolmates know and understand as much as possible about autism. We want children who are on the spectrum to get the best start possible and have the chance to enjoy their time at school as much as everyone else.

During the week, as part of their PHSE lessons, children will have time to learn more about autism.  There will also be assemblies supporting this work.

Right in the middle of Schools’ Autism Awareness Week is The National Autistic Society’s very own Onesie Wednesday™ on Wednesday 16 March.  If the children have a onesie they can wear it to school on this day.  We would like to raise money for the National Autistic Society and suggest that children who dress in their onesies donate £1 each.