Earlsmead School Sports Day

Come and join in celebrating all our sporting talent on Wednesday 10th June for our annual Sports Day!


Key Stage 2 children will be at Markfield Park participating in traditional sports day games, including; wheelbarrow, sack and relay races.

We’ll also be having a picnic in the park, followed by adult and teacher competitions.

Please bring children to school at the normal time (8:55) in their school PE kit, with a bottle of water.


Key Stage 1 will have opportunities to race too, whilst also traveling around a basic assault course using our fantastic climbing frames in both playgrounds.

Children must come to school at the normal time (8:55) and must wear their school PE kit.

Please also provide children with water for the day in order to keep them hydrated!

We look forward to having a really fun and exciting time!

If you’d like any more information please see Mr Hadley or ask the office for another letter.