Join the Big Community Picnic on the Green


Dear Parents and Carers of Earlsmead School

We have been commissioned by Haringey Council to produce a landscape and public realm strategy for improving Page Green Common. Our brief outlines Haringey’s aims to improve the physical environment of the green, while celebrating its history, making it feel safer and more welcoming, and encouraging people to stay there longer and more often. We are keen to discuss challenges posed by maintenance and littering, and ultimately encourage a feeling of ownership and pride amongst the people who live, work and play nearby. 
Please come and visit us at the Earlsmead Summer Fair, from 2pm on Friday 13th July, and then join us after for a Big Community Picnic on the Green, where we will be waiting to hear about your experience of the common, and your ambitions for its future.

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muf architecture/art design public realm and civic spaces. 
Our projects range from masterplans to public furniture via landscapes and buildings.  We are currently working on improvements to White Hart Lane and we were the instigators and designers of the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, a community garden project developed and delivered through working with Dalston residents. We are the only U.K.  winner of European prize for public space, which we won for Barking Town Square. We work mainly in London, but not exclusively so, and we try to advocate the value of the existing before proposing the new. We have good experience in designing spaces for play and learning, and we are interested in the child’s experience of, and role in the city. 

Having fun with Maths in Early Years Feedback


Thank you to all parents who attended the “Having fun with Maths in Early Years” workshop. Please follow this link for more information on helping your child with maths.

The feedback was positive.

‘’I was pleasantly surprised by the Early Years Maths workshop.The speakers were enthusiastic and provided numerous ways for us parents to help encourage maths based skills in our children. The visual aids and handouts were superb and have led me to consider using household items to incorporate these skills in my 4 year old daughter. Overall,it was brilliant - just the right length, informative and a nice cup of tea too!I would attend more. Thank you all”. - Dr Liane Robinson

“The Maths workshop was helpful. I especially liked the prompt about engaging the child before beginning work.It was also helpful to hear the tip about how other ‘fun’ play links with Maths. eg-pouring liquid into containers” - F

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Our school values - we want your opinion!

As you may be aware, the school is currently looking at our values (central beliefs clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community).

We want the staff, parents, carers and pupils to collaboratively select the core values that we will be putting into practice at Earlsmead Primary School. If you have the time, please give us your feedback on which values you think best represent our school by filling in the survey below. 

Parent and Carer Survey - The Values of Earlsmead Primary School

Earlsmead Remembers Grenfell


This week will be the first anniversary of the Grenfell tragedy. On the morning of June 14th 2017 we all awoke to these horrific events. Our school community were shocked and deeply saddened by the tragedy and felt very strongly that we should show our support to our West London neighbours. 

We organised a ‘Green for Grenfell’ day encouraging our children to wear green to show their support and collected donations. The total of £409 that Earlsmead School raised was added to another pot of money that the Angels of Kaos Choir had raised totalling £1994.79!! This money was distributed between 7 schools all who had been directly affected by the fire losing children, families and staff. 


Each school could use the donations in any way they saw fit to help heal and support their school community. Holland Park School decided to use the money to put towards a memorial bench to remember Nur Huda, one of their pupils who died in Grenfell tower. Avondale Park School put the money towards commemorative mosaic memorials in their playground. All 7 Schools knew that the money had come from the Angels of Kaos Choir and Earlsmead School and were extremely grateful and touched by our support.

You might have seen the memorial event held by Avondale Park School on the BBC news. The whole school community observed a 72 second silence, children read poems, prayers were said in English and Arabic, 12 white balloons were released - one for each of the people who died who were children or family members of Avondale and the school choir sang a couple of songs with huge emotion and passion. It was an extremely moving memorial service. The 4 beautiful memorial mosaics were made with the help of artist Ruth Kersley. Avondale Park’s children, parents and governors all helped to make the mosaics.

Watch the BBC News clip - schoolchildren unveil Grenfell memorials

We need your empty and rinsed out Tetra Paks!

As you may already know, we are involved with a few projects relating to the regeneration of Page Green.


One project requires empty and rinsed out Tetra Paks. Children in every class will be decorating this packaging with designs inspired by Lakwena Maciver. Please bring in any Tetra Paks you have at home, we need as many as possible!

Lakwena Maciver has begun to transform the green TFL air vent at the top of Page Green with her vibrant designs.