Modern Foreign Languages


Modern Foreign Languages have returned to the National Curriculum for all pupils in Key Stage 2. At Earlsmead, we have chosen Spanish, the world’s third-largest language as our focus.

Spanish is a beautiful language spoken by 470 million people as their first, the official language of 22 countries. It is the language of Britain’s favourite holiday destination, and an increasingly large language in the United States.

We aim to encourage all of our Key Stage 2 pupils to start speaking and then writing in Spanish. We want them to be confident to try and use what they know independently. We see learning a foreign language as a window into another way of life and thinking. It fosters a spirit of co-operation and friendship between peoples in our community and is a great, lifelong personal asset.

The National Curriculum beginning 2014 requires that children encounter Spanish from a variety of sources, find different ways to communicate, learn to write for different purposes, use grammar they have learned and respond to others. Our approach is to teach Spanish through role play, activities, language immersion, games, songs and stories – much as children learn their first language. 

We seek to involve native-speakers wherever possible. As pupils gain confidence we aim to deepen their understanding of the structure of the language, and use their knowledge of grammar in reading and writing. We want our pupils to be prepared for secondary Spanish and for real-life encounters with Spanish-speakers.

Earlsmead pupils are often excellent language learners long before they enter our doors, speaking a wide variety of different modern foreign languages at home, sometimes more than 2. We greatly value the depth of understanding of different languages this brings.

We celebrate our local Spanish-speaking community and welcome the involvement of pupils and parents into developing our learning.

You can help learn with your child prepare for KS2 Spanish and practise basic skills – such as greetings, colours, counting, and describing our families - from these websites:

Modern Foreign Languages have returned to the National Curriculum for all pupils in Key Stage 2.


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