At Earlsmead We Aim to:

  • Develop a school and children’s centre with a welcoming and inspiring learning environment which asserts the rights of all children to learn and staff to teach and work.

  • Foster an ethos of opportunity, mutual respect and awareness of personal responsibilities which aim to ensure that each child, parent, carer and member of the school community, including staff and volunteers are valued.

  • Engender in children a love of learning, to ensure they reach their full potential and which will continue with them into adulthood. 


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At Earlsmead, we strive to develop a welcoming and inspiring learning environment where we assert the rights of all students to learn and staff to teach. These rights bring responsibilities: we actively foster as ethos of opportunity and mutual respect and aim to ensure that each student and member of the Earlsmead community is valued.

We believe in providing equality of access and opportunity for students to learn. We recognise that everyone learns best in an environment that is calm and secure, where expectations are both high and consistent and where their work is valued.

At Earlsmead we encourage children to become independent learners. We aim to provide all children with a curriculum which is relevant and which is broad, balanced and appropriately differentiated. We believe in providing a curriculum that promotes pupils’ intellectual, physical, social, emotional and personal development and prepares them for the next stage of their education and for their future lives as responsible citizens.

Ours is an inclusive school and children’s centre where individuals with diverse needs are integrated into our community.


Our school and children’s centre reflects and promotes respect for our many and varied communities and languages. We aim to make everyone aware that they can both benefit from, and make a contribution to our multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-lingual community. In this, we foster and ethos of mutual respect.

The support of parents and carers is crucial to children’s education. At Earlsmead we aim to work in partnership with parents, carers and the local and international community. We are committed to working with, and are supported by, outside agencies. We both welcome and encourage all their involvement.