Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders are a team of enthusiastic students who are passionate about using technology. They work with teachers and other students on projects to improve learning with digital technologies. Typically, their roles include:

  • Assisting in the school's online communications (website, YouTube, Twitter)

  • Testing and reviewing new ICT resources

  • Sharing their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers

  • Setting up and taking care of ICT equipment in classrooms for teachers

  • Supporting teachers in using ICT in the classroom

  • Providing first line Technical Support

  • Providing tips and advice for staying safe online

Digital Leaders meet every Friday, and participate in computing based projects that focus on team work and problem solving.

Beebot Project

Create an obstacle course using items in the classroom for the Beebot to travel through. The obstacle course must provide at least three turning points for the Beebot.

Program the Beebot to travel from the start to the finish line, without hitting any obstacles, and without having to reprogram the Beebot.