At Earlsmead we have excellent provision for the teaching of computing. The current computing curriculum, introduced in September 2014, is a creative and in-depth education which includes the fundamental principles of computer science. We teach six computing units for each year group covering programming, computational thinking, creativity, computer networks, communication and collaboration and productivity.  E-safety is embedded in every unit, encouraging the responsible use of technology. For more information on e-safety please see our Internet Safety page.

In addition to our computing lessons, we use a wide range of technology as a teaching and learning tool across the curriculum. This helps the staff to deliver engaging and stimulating lessons and provides children with the opportunity to take greater control of their learning.

We have introduced the Google Apps for Education service for all staff and students. Google Apps are a suite of tools for collaboration and productivity which offer unlimited cloud storage, multiple layers of security and the ability to be used on any device, wherever you are.

All year groups have their own trolley of Chromebooks for use across the curriculum. Each student has their own unique account name and password which gives them access to productivity applications that include Google Classroom and Google Drive.

Please see our Computing policy and our range of e-safety policies.

We use a wide range of technology as a teaching and learning tool across the curriculum.


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