Charging Policy


Earlsmead Primary School provides free education during school hours for all children in the school. This includes materials, equipment and any transport provided to carry pupils between the school and an activity. ‘School hours’ are those when the school is in session and do not include the break in the middle of the school day. The charge made for any activity will not exceed the actual cost of the activity. If further funds are needed, e.g. to help with hardship cases, this could be met through fund-raising or voluntary contribution.

Education out of school hours

Parents/carers may be charged for activities which happen outside school hours e.g. clubs, when these activities are not part of the national curriculum or for religious education. The headteacher or finance committee may decide that charges may be made for other activities which happen outside school hours if the parents/carers agree to pay.  

Activities not run by the school or Local Authority

Depending on the partner providing these activities there may be a small charge to cover the cost of the provider and/or materials required for the activity. The school will ensure the parents/carers are made aware of any charge.

Residential Activities

In Year 6 pupils take part in a residential visit and parents/carers are charged for the cost of this in advance. Parents/ carers will be offered the opportunity to pay in instalments.  A reduced rate is offered for children in receipt of Free School Meals.  

Musical Instrument Tuition

Charges may be made for teaching a musical instrument either to an individual pupil or groups of up to four pupils. Whole Class Instrumental Teaching is provided free of charge.


Public Examinations

No charge is made for entering children for public examinations. Pupils must be entered for examinations for which they have been prepared unless the governing body (as advised by the Headteacher) thinks there are educational reasons for not entering the pupil. 

Breakfast Club

The school makes a small charge for Breakfast Club.  The charge represents a contribution towards the cost of the service.  Prices will be reviewed from time to time by the governing body finance committee to ensure that the service is cost effective. The school will endeavour to give a month’s notice of any increase.  Remissions (reductions) are made for vulnerable children.

After School Provision

Families are charged in order to meet the cost of the school’s after school childcare.  Charges are levied in advance and may be reviewed from time to time by the headteacher or governing body finance committee. 

Voluntary Contributions

All requests to parents / carers for voluntary contributions (in cash or in kind) must make it quite clear that the contribution would be voluntary. Children whose parents/carers do not contribute will not be treated any differently. If there are not enough voluntary contributions to make an activity viable the activity may be cancelled. If a particular activity cannot take place without some help this should be explained at the planning stage.