At Earlsmead School we aim to:

  • Offer opportunities for children to explore and appreciate a variety of art forms and media, including ICT.
  • Offer wide experiences from a multicultural perspective.
  • Explore art in different contexts: drama, music, dance, within the community and for pleasure.
  • Increase pupils and staff confidence in art.
  • Explore art through the ages.
  • Discuss art critically and develop independent thinking (art appreciation)
  • Discuss artists and the role of artists.
  • Provide a curriculum accessible to all children.
  • Enhance learning in other subjects.
  • Develop children’s skills and introduce them to new skills.
  • Enable children to express themselves through visual communication.

Approaches to teaching the Creative Arts:

  • Through the creative curriculum in a cross curricular approach
  • Through a specified Art Week or days during the year (usually in the summer term)
  • Observations of Art teaching in order to ensure support and guidance for staff
  • Training days to help support the teaching of Art
  • Collecting samples of work to ensure progress is made throughout the year groups.

The following photographs are of children’s work from 9th July 2014 Art Day. The work has been part of the National Gallery’s ‘Take One Picture’ scheme and has been submitted to them to be part of an exhibition.

The children were presented with the painting of ‘Saint Michael triumphs over the devil’ by Bartolome Bermejo, 1468. Each year group and class presented their own version or interpretation of this particular artwork.

We offer opportunities for children to explore and appreciate a variety of art forms and media.

Other curriculum subjects and areas

Art   /   Computing   /   Design Technology   /   English   /   Early Years Foundation Stage   /   Geography   /   History   /   Maths   /   Modern Foreign Languages   /   Music   /   Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education   /   Phonics   /   Physical Education   /   Pupil Voice   /   Religious Studies   /   Science   /   Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development